Insurance Claims


Settle Your Claim Quickly

We Will Handle Your Claim For Free – And Do All The Work For Your Insurance Companies Quoted Price – Guaranteed! The Way Your Insurance Claim Is Handled Is Important! For The Past 15 Plus Years C&D General Contractors Has Dealt With Thousands Of Insurance Claims.

Our expertise in storm damage insurance claims has proven to helps our customers settle their insurance claims as quickly and painlessly as possible. We will install your new roof per insurance company pricing and specifications. In many cases, we can even install an upgraded shingle for the insurance company allowance at no charge to our customers! An insurance claim should be a worry-free process with a new roof (often upgraded) being installed for no money out of your pocket (besides your deductible).

If it is not handled properly, your claim can be denied completely, or you, the homeowner, may end up paying thousands of dollars when it could have been covered. You should receive your first check about a week after the insurance adjuster has estimated your damage. Sometimes if the storm is large, you will receive your first check on the spot. This check represents the actual cost to repair or replace the damaged property, less the depreciation, and your deductible. The age and condition of the property is considered when the insurance company calculates the depreciation.

The depreciation will be paid when the work is complete, and your contractors send a final invoice to the insurance company. If you are carrying a mortgage on your home, the first check you receive will usually be made out to you and your mortgage company. It is important to send this initial check to your mortgage company for endorsement as soon as your paperwork is in order. Sometimes the mortgage company is quite slow. We can assist you with this process. Our entire staff is trained with storm damage (hail & wind) insurance claims, and we will provide you with the best representation and assistance possible.