Tuck pointing is the optimal solution when the mortar between bricks develops cracks, or becomes loose. These cracks can widen over time as water enters the cracks, then freezes and thaws during winter. Eventually, this can become a serious safety hazard as it can lead to an unstable structure.

Whether you have a new project or crumbling brick, call for a free no obligation estimate for all your masonry / brick repair and restoration needs.


Weather-Damaged Brick

Tornadoes can damage brick buildings. Large flying unknown objects can wreak havoc on brick walls, many homes, exposed chimneys break off, or in the least take on major damage. Contact C&D for all weather-related damage.


Emergency Tuckpointing

Disasters can hit our area at any time. Dealing with emergency masonry issues immediately (or at least ASAP) will save you thousands in the long run. For emergency services, contact C&D Tuckpointing.


Insurance Claims

If you have masonry damage to your home or business due to masonry issues that should be covered by your insurance call C&D Tuckpointing, we are insurance experts and will handle your claim for FREE.